“Direction of Choice” Necklace

Life is made up of a succession of choices. 
- We can do our best to make good decisions, but we’ll never truly know how much worse or better an alternative might have been. And so, we mustn’t regret the road not taken.

This solid hand crafted “compass” necklace is designed as a piece created to serve as a personal talisman to remind you to look forward to where you are heading instead of behind at what will never be.

This entire piece is 14kgf 
Length: 18”
Chain style: Gold ball chain
Compass size is about 1”
14kgf spring clasp

Handmade in the USA 

Direction of Choice Necklace (Gold)


    © 2009 by Creative Minds Gallery, LLC. 

    Photo credit to Kristen Weigel Photography.

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