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Remember all local city's have a hidden gem! Seek out that gem for that special heirloom piece that will become a talisman passed down from bride to bride, for generations to come. Have a special heirloom piece you already have? Revive it to shine bright and new as it was the day of it's first debut! --- Allow us to custom create that simple pair of elegant earrings or bracelet, a statement necklace to adorn your perfect wedding gown that softly drapes your dreamiest pictures of your perfect day. Need that "perfect understated pearl bracelet" for your bridesmaids? Custom & quality with you being able to set YOUR BUDGET. The perfect something for the groom to be or groomsmen. THAT IS WHAT WE DO. With each piece made by hand, onsite in studio you literally can choose, create and design ANYTHING! Most people think that custom = $$$$... Many are very mistaken. Custom means you design start to finish. Starting with your own comfort LEVEL & budget. 


Sue Surdi Designs will provide instant atmosphere with each jewelry order upon request, offering their hand-crafted displays that showcase their jewelry to perfection. These roughnecks, copper and tree branch stands,  branded lotus discs, and barnwood storyboards, create a layered narrative for any setting, and complement and echo the materials in their collections.

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Photo credit to Kristen Weigel Photography.

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